Bore x Stroke (mm)    65x75
N° Cylinders    2 on line
Induction    1 carburettor
Starting    Automatic
Fuel    Petrol (for specifications see the user manual)
Fuel tank (L)    Separate 23
Lubrication    Forced (oil sump)
Ignition    C.D.I. Micro-computer
Ignition timing    Electronic
Starting    Manual or Electric
Alternator    Standard 12V/160W (regulator optional) on Manual start versionStandard 12V/160W with regulator on Electric start version
Cooling    Water cooled with pump-forced circulation
Exhaust    Underwater through propeller
Steering system    Bar with twist grip throttle control and steering friction adjustment or remote with remote control box according to version
Type of remote control box provided (for the version with remote control box)    Single lever with safety switch
Trim adjustment    Manual (4 pos)with trim for navigation in shallow waters or Power Tilt depending on the version
Direction reversal    Mechanical A-F-R
Transmission Ratio    13/27
Available shaft versions    C. - L.
Standard propeller type    3-bladed with built-in spring drive
Weight basic version (kg.)    77

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SELVA Kingfish 25 C

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